February 5, 2003

I no longer live in Mendocino. Although the webcam is very reliable, inevitably something does happen. The webcam has been operating since 1998 and since 1999 it's been inside Gallery Bookshop. It became quite popular and is featured on the Gallery Bookshop web page. They didn't want to see it go, but I really couldn't be responsible for it anymore, virtually or physically. Some exchange of hardware, reconfiguring of software, switching to their server, and now it's all theirs. I'm no longer hosting the pictures on my site, so if you want see the Mendocino Bay Webcam, please visit Gallery Bookshop. If their webpage is not set up, here's a link to the current image. Please give them a chance to set the date and time, and keep checking their home page. They have the ability to display archived images, visiting their website will reveal all and you will hardly know the difference once they get their web page edited to display the pictures. Thanks for looking!

Bob Blick