Screen Capture for Tektronix THS720 Digital Oscilloscope

The Tektronix THS7xx series of oscilloscopes have an RS-232 port and can print directly to a number of printers and formats, but it's sometimes nice to show a screenshot on a web page, and the way that the oscilloscope dumps out the port is not compatible with most communications programs.
This program takes the output of the scope and saves it as "tek.bmp". I am not a fancy programmer, so you have no choice regarding filenames or even com ports. Use "tek.exe" for com1 and "tek2.exe" for com2. Both are included in the zipfile below. The programs run from DOS, which means that compatibility with Windows will vary from computer to computer and won’t work on NT or 2000.

Use the "utility" button on your scope to access the menus you need to set rs232 communications to 9600 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit, hard flagging on, soft flagging off. Set hardcopy options to .bmp, portrait mode. Once you've set these options they won't need to be set again.
To download a screen(either a stored one or one you have "held" or a live random one if neither), make sure the rs232 cable is connected between your computer and scope, run the tek.exe or tek2.exe program, and press "hardcopy" on your scope. After about 3 seconds you should have a file called "tek.bmp" on your computer. The program waits forever(for your convenience, and mine as a programmer!) and if you decide to abort, hit control-break.

Here's a sample image that I converted to .gif for this web page

MSDOS executables in a zipfile
QBasic source code tek.bas
Perl version, runs under Linux

The software is released into the public domain.


Frequently Asked Question:


Will this software work for a TDS220 or other scope?


No. It will probably work on any THS7xx series scope, but not others.




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