Projects for Students and Hobbyists

Propeller clock a few light emitting diodes spin, precisely controlled by a PIC microprocessor, giving the illusion of a larger array.

Stirling Prayer Engine built with simple parts and runs from the heat of a votive candle.

H-Bridge drives DC motors forward and backward.

Servo Pulse to PWM converter connects an H-Bridge to radio control receivers or robotic circuits.

Servo Pulse to Dual H-Bridge interface performs vital control functions needed for propulsion and steering of a “fighting robot”.

PIC Programmer to download programs into PIC microprocessors.

Preamplifier suitable for guitar or microphone use.

LED Sign uses two LED arrays to form a 7 X 10 matrix. It produces moving messages or animations stored in an EPROM.

Casio QV-200 Digital Camera Cable. Lose your cable? Build it yourself and save $29. Fits many QV models.

Tektronix THS720 Screen Capture Software. Basic software, not like the fancy stuff that costs real money.

DTMF Tone Decoder hears touchtones and displays them as telephone numbers.

Oxygen Sensors. When they go bad your automobile runs poorly, learn about them and build a substitute for diagnostics or off-road use.

LCD Serial Terminal has RS-232 serial in/out, up to 20 programmable keys, Character LCD up to 2x40, 5 auxiliary inputs, 6 auxiliary outputs.

555 Timer as an A/D Converter. Measure voltages accurately with a microcontroller using this simple circuit. Includes sample program for the Parallax Basic Stamp.

BookPC MP3 Player. A small computer running Linux with 12 volt power supply and wired remote control makes a great sound system for a car.

Yet Another Mobile MP3 Player. This is an earlier player using a conventional PC motherboard, so the power supply I designed is quite compatible.




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