Bob Blick

I was the Electronics teacher at Mendocino High School for 14 years, but I have retired from teaching. Most recently I was enjoying success as an independent electronics consultant, designing for a diverse range of clients. Designs ranged from industrial electronic controls and PCI bridges to telerobotic museum pieces and vacuum tube audio crossovers. LaserLine Mfg, Inc. talked me into going to work for them full time, consequently I am not able to take on large consulting contracts any more. If you have a small job I might be able to help if it is interesting to me. I will not consult in any area that competes with LaserLine or has an interfering schedule. Please ask how that relates to your project.

My areas of expertise include:

  • High Power Electronics: Plasma/sputtering, motor control, power conversion.
  • Data busses: PCI, I2C, J1850/ISO9141(OBDII Automotive).
  • Solid state lasers, temperature control, picosecond electro-optics.
  • Languages: VHDL, C, Perl, Assembly on many micros.
  • Studio audio electronics: hybrid, discrete, vacuum tube.
  • PC board and schematic layout, design for manufacture.
  • Telerobotics.

If you are a hobbyist or student and need help, please look at my TechRef pages first before writing. I’ve put lots of work into those pages and they might help you.

Send me an email (use the “contact” link below) if you need to get in touch with me.


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