Contacting Bob Blick

Thanks for your interest.
I receive a lot of email and it is not always possible to give immediate replies.

I sometimes make myself available for professional consulting or engineering. I always give serious inquiries careful attention.

I donít mind giving free advice or help to students and hobbyists if itís fun, interesting, and easy.

To assist you, here are a few frequently-asked questions that I have divided into two areas:



I built your H-bridge and it works great. I want to build more and donít need short-circuit protection, can I leave out two transistors or any other parts? Thanks for your help.


Yes, hereís how to do it...


Notice how the writer has already done some work and thought about the project? The ďthank youĒ is nice, too.




Can I hire you to design a device and build a prototype?


Yes. Please be aware that there are several stages involved in designing and prototyping for eventual manufacture. Most companies have a team of people to do this. A lot of time and money will be needed. Take your best estimate and then multiply it by 100. Is it still worth it?


Always include a very short description of the product.




My name is also Bob Blick, hello!


Whatís your Social Security number, motherís maiden name, and the name of your health plan?


People usually want something from me. Sometimes a little humor is a good idea.







I am a student and have been assigned to do a project. Help me.


The average time I spend answering an email is one minute. Less, if I think you arenít sincere or havenít done any research.




I want interesting projects. Send them to me.


Perhaps the writer doesnít understand. He is insulting me. All the documented projects are already on my web pages. I work on these web pages to satisfy me, not you.




My friend thinks you are cool. Are you interested in a relationship?


Iím not interested and donít want you to know my email address. I will not reply.




I wrote you and you never wrote back.


Perhaps you typed in your email address wrong. I reply to a lot of email and a good percentage of it bounces. Or maybe you sent one of the types of email I donít reply to.


Please use the following form to send email to me.
If you do not receive a reply within one week, please try again and make it good.
I don't answer email every day and I only answer the best ones.

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